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Internet Quilting Time Wasters  

Contact Ginny to add internet sites >


Last postings - 10 June 2011 - About Machine Quilting       

1.) Day Style Designs >

- Hundreds of machine quilting designs. Arranged by difficulty level. Click on the design - then watch a video (1 to 5 minutes) of the quilter (Leah Day) quilting the design.
2.) About quilts >

- This section of the site has a slide show (100) of quilts featured at the Machine Quilters Showcase (May 11-14 - 2011) . Amazing quilting! Be sure to press the pause button - to study some of the closeup details of the stitching.

April 2011 - The City Quilter / The Art Quilt Gallery NYC
NEW YORK--The ArtQuilt Gallery•NYC opened April 5, becoming the only commercial gallery for quilts in New York City, filling a void in the nation’s art center. Located in Manhattan’s Chelsea district, next to The City Quilter, the gallery will showcase the best quilts from around the world. Though adjoining The City Quilter on West 25th Street, a gathering point for both hobbyists and professional quilters for 14 years, The ArtQuilt Gallery•NYC will have a separate entrance and separate identity.
  - Gallery hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11 to 6 pm; Sunday & Monday by appointment only.
  -  Gallery web site: >
For more information, contact: Dale Riehl; The ArtQuilt Gallery•NYC
133 West 25th St., New York, NY 10001

       Suggested by Ginny Cooper

  • Blind Quilter - Video about Diane Rose. An amazing blind quilter in Texas who sews entirely by touch.
         Suggested by Debbie Lombardozzi (Mar. 2011)

    Quilt Pattern Animation - Computer graphics display of quilt patterns set to music.
         Suggested by Nancy Turnbull (Feb. 2011)

    Tokyo Quilt Festival - Over 100 great photos, posted by Luana Rubin, of
         Suggested by Ginny Cooper (Feb. 2011)

  • Mitered Binding for Different Angles (YouTube)
    Suggested by Jane Pszczolkowski (Oct. 2010)

  • Embrace Life "wear your seatbelt" ad in the UK - Video
                          Suggested by Ginny Cooper  (July 2010) 

  • Needle Guide (PDF) from Jane Pszczolkowski. 

    • An informative page about sewing machine needles and how to choose the right one for your fabric and thread. (May 2010)

  • Three new time waster suggestions from Jane Pszczolkowski,

  • Pink Glove Dance - Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

    • The employees of the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, Portland, Oregon put together this 3 minute video to generate breast cancer awareness throughout the hospital system. They had a ton of fun putting this together and hope it inspires others to join in the cause.

In Search Bar - Type in "Quilting Tutorial." There are about 130 videos
  Try Out - "How to Build a Cheap Quilting Table"  -  Neat Idea
  Try Out - "Domestic Quilting Feathers"  -  5 min. of Sharon Schamber quilting feathers - to classical music - amazing freehand designs!
  Try Out - "How to Make a Tile Mosaic Quilt" - 300 lb. cement and tile 'sculpture' that looks like a quilt.
In Search Bar - Type in "Quilting Arts."  There are almost 600 videos about all aspects of fabric and quilting arts... many ideas.

- Listed by Ginny Cooper

See "Video" page for 19 separate 1 to 5 minute videos. The new ones posted are from the Knitting and Stitching Show in England. Some very different (!) stuff. Try the video about the huge Coral Reef - all done in Crochet.....wild!

- Listed by Ginny Cooper

Click on - "Award Winning Entries" and scroll down through the winners of the 2009 Road to California Quilt Show. Absolutely fantastic Quilts!

- Listed by Ginny Cooper  

This is the home page of the Studio Art Quilt Associates. The home page has a SAQA member "slide show" of quilts that runs continuously ... just watch ... and enjoy ...

- Listed by Ginny Cooper

Artfull Bras Project

Quilters of South Carolina have created one-of-a-kind bras for Breast Cancer Awareness.
The exhibit consists of forty-nine original works of art.

- Listed by Jane P.

Antique Geometric Quilt Patterns    

109 Antique Geometric Free Quilt Designs & Sample Patchwork Blocks
Quilt Notes, History, Vintage Patterns; Ideas for Fabric Choices
Grid Sizing, Full Quilt Tiling; Background Tiles, Free Downloads & Links to More Illustrations 

- Listed by Donna Soffe.

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Quilt Study

A must visit for quilters. This is the website for the Intentional Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln, Neb.

  • Lots of information on the site.

  • Click on Quilt Explorer - 881 Quilts to view from 17 countries.

  • Sign up for "Quilt of the Month" - receive a special emailed quilt picture each month from the Study Center. 

- Listed by Ginny Cooper

Quilters Cache

  • Thousands of quilt block patterns - with directions.

- Listed by Ginny Cooper


Paper Pieces & Blank Quilting

  • These two Web sites were on the instruction sheet for the hexagon kits that many members assembled to take to the Lancaster Quilt Show to the vendor's booth.

  • Check out the sites for hexagon quilt ideas ... among other things.

- Listed by Ginny Cooper



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