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Charity Quilts  

 The Charity Quilts group, started in 1993, meets the 4th Wed. of every month except Nov. and Dec.

  • The group completes an average of 12 quilts each month.
  • The group averages from 13 to 17 members attending each month.
  • About 120 individual participate throughout the year.
  • Almost all of the fabric is donated.

Alma Flippen organized the first workshop at the library. Then, in 1994, Merry May started workshops at the Church in Tuckahoe. Workshops have been held ever since, making at least 100 quilts per year.

The first Charity Quilts were given to CARA.

Charity Quilt - South Shore Stitchers - Tuckahoe NJ

South Shore Stitchers members work on tying a quilt during a Charity Quilts monthly meeting. Pictured around the quilt, from left, are Peg Hayes, Helen Garrison. Betty Berenotto and Sandy Ernst.


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 Charity Quilt - South Shore Stitchers - Tuckahoe NJ

South Shore Stitchers charity quilts, made by members during 2008, for children with autism.
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Autism-Fabric_2008_Charity Quilt - South Shore Stitchers - Tuckahoe NJ
Autism Fabric